In this episode of 10 Questions we are honoured to have Darude with us! Ville Virtanen, better known by his on stage name Darude, is a Finnish DJ that produced the famous EDM song “Sandstorm” and other famous hits. Darude just finished a 37-day tour which included a gruelling schedule, having 11 shows in 12 days. He told us that it was a fun but demanding experience, and having to spend time flying here and there made him fatigued a bit. But when he thoroughly enjoyed the show the fatigue was gone and he was really delighted to have achieved a tour of such scale.

Darude also talked about his special appearance on Finland’s 100th Anniversary countdown event in Helsinki, in which his famous hit “Sandstorm” was used to synchronise with the official countdown, alongside with the fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Being described as Finland’s biggest music export, Darude said it was an honour and as well privilege to perform in front of more than 100000 people, especially in an event that celebrates Finland’s 100th year of independence. It definitely meant more than just another show for Darude.

Darude’s Sandstorm became a hit again on the Internet after more than 10 years thanks to a multiplayer online video game League of Legends, in which online streamers often play the song during their streams. Last year he was invited to TwitchCon, the yearly meeting held by one of the largest game streaming platform Twitch. He also worked with Angry Birds, in which his song Sandstorm was used to produce the “Mighty League Anthem”, a theme song for the update of the game. If you want to learn more about Darude and understand how he produced all the famous hits, make sure to check the interview out!