In this episode of 10 questions, we’ve got the energetic band The Sam Willows with us! All the way from Singapore, The Sam Willows has performed all over the place from The Philippines and Singapore to Korea and Japan. Our own DJ Doomkitty had a great chat with the band and we got to know more about their touring experiences and the details of their upcoming second album.  

The Sam Willows recently released their first single, “Keep Me Jealous”, from their second album which is set to publish in late 2017.  Through the past 5 years, the band sees themselves as having changed a lot in terms of styles, creative influences, and goals. The Sam Willows talked us through the idea of the single “Keep Me Jealous” and, of course, how they came up with other singles which put together in the sequence of the album builds up connections in between the songs.

The band talked about valuing their performing experiences over growing their fan base each time when they have to perform as relatively unknown performers in other parts of the world like America or Canada. They also discussed enjoying and appreciating what they have achieved right now and the chance they have to introduce Singapore to the world. They've gotten more chances to interact with new audiences that helped them to gain exposure. The team has also learned to adapt to new audiences whenever they've gotten a chance to share their own music to the world.

The squad will be playing at Summer Sonic in Japan this August, as well as dropping their second album in the latter part of this year. Remember to check out The Sam Willow’s interview here and grab the chance to enjoy their great music!

Text by: Connie Fong 

Photo Credit: Fred Zhang@BillboardRadio