On this episode of Ten Questions, we got on the phone with Paul Ewing, a long time friend and former manager of the late 90s pop star Tommy Page, to discuss his memories of his time with Tommy. Tommy was a singer, songwriter, and a music industry executive working with Warner Brothers, Billboard, and Pandora. He was best known for his single "I'll Be Your Everything", which hit the top of US Billboard Hot 100 in April 1990 as well as his contributions behind the scenes helping modern household names through their careers. 

Tommy committed suicide in March of this year at the age of 46, surprising his friends and family as well as fans around the world. We decided to pay tribute to his career and legacy by getting on the line with someone who knew him well throughout the years. By doing so, we hope to let you all know more about him and understand his career and contribution to Billboard and the music industry.

Paul worked with a lot of big names back in the 80s and 90s including Madonna, Air Supply, and local pop stars like Danny Chan and Sally Yeh, and now he is all over the map with his hands on a number of different genres of music such as jazz and rock. In the interview, Paul talked about how Tommy emerged as a pop star, and the impact he had throughout Asia. When he came to Asia to promote his new album, the fans fell in love with him. A lot of his success at that time could be contributed to his easily understood songs, especially for people with English as a second language. 

Tommy Page decided to move to the business side of music, and became an executive of a music production company despite having a lot of fans out there around the globe especially in Asia. He graduated from New York University's Stern School of Business in 1997, finally finishing a degree he had originally put aside for his music career. He had great success both on and off stage, and Paul also went deep into what he thinks about Tommy as a person and disclosed some close memories between them.

Tommy Page, in his career as an executive in Warner Bros., nurtured a lot of big names including Michael Bublé, Alanis Morissette, and Green Day. He then moved on to Billboard as a publisher for two years, and helped relaunch the brand. As said by Paul, he was a handsome young man who was bright and talented both on and off the stage. His genuineness and friendliness to people gave him wonderful relationships with different people, thus sparkling a lot of collaborations with different artists. We are deeply saddened by the lost of such a wonderful artist and an even better person.

Tommy, you will be missed.

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